Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you Mr. John Stephens for this wonderful picture of your dear Mother.

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  1. This little piece of history is submitted by John Stephens (Atlanta)...

    My mother, Lenora Sloan Stephens, was born in 1913 to Albert Lowry and Alice Thomas Sloan. She was born on College street but they moved to Lincoln Avenue "when she was barely able to remember it". She remembers her father, who was a partner in a hardware store on the square, having a cow in the back yard as well as a chickens.

    Grandmother Alice moved to Atlanta to be with Lenora in the late 70s and died there at age 92.

    Lenora will be 97 in November 2010. She just commented to me last night (Nov 4, 2010) that she wished she had a "instant transporter" to go to Fayetteville from Atlanta for a day although she doubted she would know anybody there anymore.